Dang Gnats!™ Comic Strip for Phone

I launched Dang Gnats!™ on the web in 2001, and the “annoying insects with too much time of their wings” have been flitting and chit-chatting since. But a funny thing happened as the format never changed: it suddenly became readable on a single phone screen. New readers and Facebook likers emerged! Here are a few sample strips from a zillion.

Dang Gnats™: “Bucket List”

Dang Gnats™: “Seasonal Latte”


Dang Gnats™: “Summer’s Over (Sort of)”

Dang Gnats™: “Happy Earth Day (late.)”


Dang Gnats™: “How Heat Index is Determined”


Dang Gnats™: “Falling for a Color Change”


Dang Gnats™: “Respect Learning Styles”


Dang Gnats™: “National Dog day”



See lots more Dang Gnats! on Tumblr

See even more Dang Gnats! on Facebook

See the Gnats startle innocent bystanders on Twitter

Dig Gnat merch

Walt Jaschek wonders if it’s time to Kickstart a Dang Gnats print collection.


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