Funny Radio Commercials: Laugh Your Ads Off

Funny radio commercials provide an attention-getting break from the mundane norm and a loyalty-building “UX.” Please turn your volume up for these award-winning radio spots, written or co-written by me and produced by Paul Fey of World Wide Wadio.

“Robert Goulet” | :60 national radio commercial for The Simpsons
$20,000 Mercury Award for Radio Humor

“Mission Persons” | :60 national radio commercial for Matlock
Clio Award for “Best Radio Copywriting”

“Laugh Catalog” | :60 national radio commerical for George Schlatter’s Comedy Club
Clio Award for “Best Use of Sound”

“Viva La Volvo” | :60 national radio for Volvo
National Addy Award winner

“Put Your Tongue on the Radio” | :60 national radio for Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Promax Muse Award for radio

“The Ballad of Judge Wapner” | :60 national radio for The People’s Court
Promax Muse Award winner for radio, National Addy Award for radio

“Millions of Americans” | :60 PSA radio for the American Optometric Association
National Addy Award for radio

© Paul & Walt Worldwide and © World Wide Wadio.


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